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Breadwinners Character Quiz - Will You Bake The Grade?

The Breadwinners are some of the most hardworking ducks out there - but which character have YOU got most in common with?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 9th 2023

It’s not easy being a duck, especially one that has to deliver bread for a living! But do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a real Breadwinner? Or will your choices leave you stuck in the Breadmines? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s right here! So let’s see which character you’re the most like!


Which type of pastry do you like the most?


What toppings do you like the most on your toast?


Ketta can’t fix the van, what do you do?


There is a ghostly poltergoose in the house, where do you hide?


How do you like your Bread Burritos?


There is rubbish filling up the house, what do you do?


What animal do you feel you have most in common with?


Buhdeuce’s pet frog Jelly is lost, how do you get her home?


You’ve crashed the van into T-Midi’s house again, everything is broken, what do you do?


Oonski The Great has got SwaySway in a head-lcok, what do you do?

Titmouse | Nickelodeon


Alright! You’re SwaySway! You drive the van, and in many ways do a lot of the thinking! A little bit like you, SwaySway keeps the show on the road you know when to stop and take a breath, to look around and make sure everything is working out right! Nice one! But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a bit of help sometimes, but that’s why you’ve got friends like Buhdeuce to keep you grounded! Awesome!

Titmouse | Nickelodeon


Epic! You’re Buhdeuce! Okay, so maybe you’re a bit clumsy, but who isn’t?! And of course you have the sense of humour that even if something does go wrong, you can always laugh it off! A bit like Buhdeuce, you’ve got great friends around you, and even if things mess up, they’ll help you out, just like you’ll help them! Brilliant!

Titmouse | Nickelodeon

The Breadmaker!

Awesome! You’re the Breadmaker! A bit like the Breadmaker, you live deep down in a bread based mine! Only joking! You’re the kind of person that everyone relies on they just don’t know it yet - because without the Breadmaker, there would be no bread! Simple AS!

Oonski the Great!

Uh oh! You’re Oonski The Great! Now lots of people would say that you’re the bad guy out of the lot, but that’s just plain not true! People misread you, a bit like they do for Oonski! You’re not bad, you’re just really really strong! Just be careful when you first meet people or they might think you’re a villain!