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Beano Summer Survival Guide: Bring Some City Style Into Your House

Need some ideas get that city feel inside? Worry no more!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Ok, we get it, it's pretty boring being stuck in the house over summer, but DON'T WORRY! We've got an ace guide to how to bring all those cool city experiences right at home! With these awesome ideas you'll feel as if you in the middle of a city without leaving your bedroom!

Chain a bike frame to your fridge

Nothing says city like half a bike chained to something! Remember though, it's to to be ONLY half the bike, for the authentic city feel. Remove the wheels and the handlebars if possible. Bonus points if it's a bit rusty. 

Charge everyone money to use the stairs

Public transport can't be free, right? And those stairs cost money! Set up a toll system at either end of your staircase and charge everyone 50p to go either way - or they can get a return ticket for 75p. Bargain

Put up blue plaques on historic parts of your house

Bonus points if you find something really old, like your dad. Write up some interesting facts about dad, then stick them somewhere people can see, like his tummy, so they can marvel at how amazing it is that this ancient structure is still standing.

Busk in the bathroom

There's nothing more relaxing than a bath or shower with music - so why not put on a free show in the bathroom? You can put a hat down to collect money if people think you're talented enough. Plus, the acoustics in the bathroom will be AMAZING

Hand out a free paper to everyone

Make up your own newspaper and hand it out so everyone knows all the latest news from your household. You'll be able to keep everyone up to date with all the latest news and make your house feel like a bustling metropolis! Especially if everyone drops their newspaper on the ground once they've finished with it. (But we know you're better than litterers) 

Give your family a walking tour of the house

What could feel more like being in the city than a walking tour of all the best bits of the house?! The fridge, the tv, the fridge again, you're family will be fascinated by the amazing facts they'll learn!