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Build a FIFA Team and Weโ€™ll Tell You What Movie to Watch

Good at FIFA but bad at choosing movies? Have a go on this footy-tastic quiz and find out what film you should watch!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
lucybronze | Twitter

Pick a striker:

standardsport | Twitter

Pick another forward player:

wba | Twitter

Choose your midfielders:

Fifacom | Twitter

Pick a defender:

klbardsley | Twitter

Pick a goalie:


Pick a kit:

mirrorfootballl | Twitter

Pick a manager:


Pick a sponsor for your team:

manutd | Twitter

Who's on your reserve bench?


Pick a country for your first match:

starwars | twitter

You should watch Star Wars!

You like fast-paced action and powerful characters - so Star Wars is perfect for you! If you've already seen them them again!

thegoonies | twitter

You should watch the Goonies!

You like classic footballers so a film that reminds you of the good old days would suit you well. If you want to go even more old-school, watch it on a black and white TV!

Avengers | Twitter

You should watch the Avengers!

You like dramatic football action, and big characters who are larger than life. should watch the Avengers!

toystory | Twitter

You should watch Toy Story 4!

You made a few interesting choices, so you should watch a more unusual film - how about one with talking toys that come alive when nobody's watching?