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MCM Comic Con Quiz - Build Your Own Superhero!

Love superheroes but think you could make an even better one? This personality quiz will help you create a legend!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 13th 2024

MCM Comic Con is the perfect place to go to spot your favourite superheroes, because let's face it - everyone loves a superhero (unless they're a total villain, that is). This MCM Comic Con quiz will help you create the ultimate superhero . Up, up and away (start the quiz)!

1/10 A muscly arm and a shocked man

First things first. Pick a way you earned your powers!

2/10 A sewing machine and different coloured material

Pick a uniform colour!

3/10 Superhero pointing at a silhouette in the sky

Pick a cape colour!

4/10 An apple turned into a spy gadget

Pick a gadget!

5/10 A green angry man

Pick a special power!

6/10 A woman reading a book about superhero skills

Pick a skill set!

7/10 A superhero in a panic

Pick a way to react under pressure!

8/10 A pigeon and a superhero overlooking a city at night

Pick a place to have your HQ!

9/10 Pet superhero sidekicks

Pick a sidekick!

10/10 A Delorean

Pick a special vehicle!

Result: Fart Man

You are: FART MAN!

You're stinky and can clear a room full of villains with a silent, invisible guff! You have earned your superhero power by eating lots of beans and cabbage. Remember to say excuse me!

Result: The Recyler


When you pull on your magical green t-shirt, you have the power to recycle! You know exactly what types of packaging can and can't be put in the recycling bin and what day the bin collection is. You're going to help save the world!

Result: The Greyhound


After an unusual weather incident, you've become part greyhound and have the ability to run very quickly. Not only that, you have a knack of sniffing out snacks from far away!

Result: Insect Kid

You are: INSECT KID!

You're part-insect, part-kid and have the ability to fly around people's kitchens, especially when there's food on the table. The only trouble is, you have trouble finding an open window.