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Cambridge Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

See how much you know about the UK's most famous university town!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 12th 2023

Do you live in Cambridge, or do you just love to visit? It's a gorgeous little city with pretty architecture, some great festivals and one of the top universities in the entire world! There's a lot to learn about it though - maybe you already know it all? Test your knowledge on Cambridge here! While you're here, don't forgot to test yourself on the cities of England, or try our quizzes on Sheffield or Edinburgh!

1/10 A serious brain looks over Cambridge

What county is Cambridge in?

2/10 A dolphin looks at a boat on the river Cam

What kind of boats do residents famously sail in on the river Cam?

3/10 A dinosaur and a hot air balloon

What mode of transport is favoured by 55% of residents?

4/10 A dog in an art gallery

What's the biggest museum in the city?

5/10 A woman with lots of letters flying out of her mouth

How do you pronounce "Magdalen" College?

6/10 A shining lamppost

What's the name of the famous lamppost in Parker's Piece?

7/10 A cat meows at an ornate clock

What creature appears on the Corpus Clock?

8/10 A capybara investigates a royal crown

Who are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

9/10 A medieval warrior

What year was Cambridge University founded?

10/10 A shark and a cow near a university building

How many colleges are at Cambridge University?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Looks like you don't know everything about Cambridge! Crack open your encyclopaedia and give it another go!

Result: Not bad

All right, you know a thing or two about Cambridge! Maybe crack open your encyclopaedia and see if you can bring your score up!

Result: Good job

Great job! You clearly know a thing or two about the city and must have visited the place at least twice.

Result: Congrats

WOW! With a perfect score you are now officially the MAYOR of Cambridge! In spirit, anyway!