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Epic Edinburgh Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Take this epic capital quiz and find out just how much you know about the city of Edinburgh! Don't let the haar scare you off! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 21st 2022

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1/10 Edinburgh with Beano Nessie

What country is Edinburgh the capital of?

2/10 Dog statue with silly face and question marks

What's the name of the famous Dog who lived near Greyfriars Kirk?

3/10 Arthur's seat with fire and Beano dinosaur

True or false: Arthur's Seat is an extinct volcano?

4/10 Edinburgh Castle gun with arrow and derpy llama

What time does the famous gun fire every day from Edinburgh Castle?

5/10 Hollyrood palace with derpy dog in crown

Which famous Queen lived in Holyrood palace?

6/10 Football with silly face on Scottish flag

What's the name of the city's two most famous football teams?

7/10 Sherlock holmes with derpy pigeon and lightbulb

Which famous author is from Edinburgh?

8/10 Edinburgh castle, fireworks, pineapple and unicorn

What year did the Edinburgh International Festival start?

9/10 Beano animals on leafy background

What unusual thing can you see at Edinburgh Zoo?

10/10 Royal Mile with Beano ball and rubber chicken

How long is the Royal Mile?

Amazing result

Awesome job! You must either be an Edinburger yourself, or just a big fan of Auld Reekie!

Well done result

Well done! You've obviously been to Edinburgh before, and it's paid off!

Try again result

Try again! You got a couple right but you need to score higher than that to get into the Edinburgh quizzes hall of fame!

Oh no result

Uh oh, looks like someone doesn't know Leith from Livingston! You're not a Glaswegian are you?! Have another go!