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Quiz: Can You Guess Which Celebs Have Had an Emoji Make-Over?

Does putting a smiley on a famous face make things mysterious? Or do you reckon you can solve the clues? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 11th 2018

First up, it's a footie star who dabbles in dabbing

@jesynelson | Instagram

Next question? This emoji mix-up. But it's not a big mix-up, it's a Little Mix.

@teddysphotos | Instagram

Okay, third question. Which red-headed star is hidden here? If you know the answer, don't go thinking out loud!


Question number 4 now. The kiss emoji makes everything nicer, right? Even Sith Lords? We're not so sure!

@zoella | Instagram

Moving on now, you'll have spotted this star on YouTube, but they usually look a little more chilled-out than this.

@stormzyofficial | Instagram

Okay, doing well so far? Next up, this celeb is storming up the music charts, but what do they look like behind the emoji?


Question 7 now. This YouTuber can give you tips on playing Fortnite but can you work out what they look like when they're not gaming?

@taylorswift | Instagram

Not long to go now, so let's move swiftly (hint, hint). Who's this star with an emoji-mask?

@therock | Instagram

Tough questions can make you feel like you're between a rock and a hard place, but this one's easy, right?


Finally, last question! Why's this emoji turning green? Someone must be making a real stink!

Unlucky! It's back to emoji school for you.

Almost! Just study a bit harder and you'll ace the score next time

Good effort! Your emoji knowledge is getting better all the time!

Top marks! HEre's a nice smiley-face emoji for all your hard work.