Could YOU Make the best Stinkbomb?

Have You Got What it Takes To Clear The Room?

Pick a phew poisonous pongs and create the most putrid perfume!


The first hint of stink should really make tears come to your eyes...


Now for the next niff; what smell should hit you second?


Now a lingering hint of doom, something earthy and damp!


Last, what liquid do you want to mix it with?


What are you going to mix it in?


And what would you use to deliver your stinkbomb?


Last but not least, who is your target?

stink bomb perfume

You've made...perfume?

That's just a mix of nice smelling stuff - fail!

stink bomb subtle sniff

You've made... a subtle sniff

Hmm... not bad for a beginner, but it smells a bit like vegetable soup...

Stink bomb pretty putrid

You made... a pretty putrid pong!

Wow! Now that's a strong pong. My eyes are watering!

stink bomb ultimate odour

You found the Ultimate Odour!

THAT Is one super-stench. Dennis himself would be proud!

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