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Could YOU Make the best Stinkbomb?

Have You Got What it Takes To Clear The Room?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 28th 2018

Pick a phew poisonous pongs and create the most putrid perfume!

1/7 Stink bomb pong

The first hint of stink should really make tears come to your eyes...

2/7 Stink Bomb Niffy

Now for the next niff; what smell should hit you second?

3/7 Stink bomb yuck

Now a lingering hint of doom, something earthy and damp!

4/7 Stink bomb Gross!

Last, what liquid do you want to mix it with?

5/7 Stink bomb splosh

What are you going to mix it in?

6/7 stink bomb splat

And what would you use to deliver your stinkbomb?

7/7 stink bomb guff

Last but not least, who is your target?

stink bomb perfume

You've made...perfume?

That's just a mix of nice smelling stuff - fail!

stink bomb subtle sniff

You've made... a subtle sniff

Hmm... not bad for a beginner, but it smells a bit like vegetable soup...

Stink bomb pretty putrid

You made... a pretty putrid pong!

Wow! Now that's a strong pong. My eyes are watering!

stink bomb ultimate odour

You found the Ultimate Odour!

THAT Is one super-stench. Dennis himself would be proud!