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Can You Pass Our Hard Geography Quiz?

Can You Pass Our Hard Geography Quiz? How's your geography?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 22nd 2021

Do you know your oceans and capital cities? Is your mind like a fact map? Take this awesome geography quiz and see if you're a world expert!

Let's see what you know!


What's the capital of Australia? 


What piece of equipment measures earthquakes?


What is the highest mountain in the UK?


Which country has this flag? 


Where would you find the Christ The Redeemer statue? 


Which of these is NOT a Caribbean island? 


Which country has this flag? 


What is the capital of Turkey? 


Which of these English cities is the furthest north?

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Where is the Giant's Causeway? 

11/12 Bamburgh Castle

In which English county is Bamburgh Castle?

12/12 A man in a river

What is the longest river in the world?

Must pay more attention in geography class!

You've got potential! Give it another go!

Big pat on the back for you! Reckon you can do it even better next time? 

Wow! Are you like, a geography teacher or something?