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Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! Spooky Stories! – Can You Tell a Ghost Story to Scare Dennis and his friends?

Fill in the blanks to see if you can tell the perfect campfire ghost story!

What’s the scariest story you can tell, using these bits and pieces?


Start your story!

2/6 JJ and Rubi at the campfire

When a…


Meanwhile, a group of…


But, when they…

5/6 Rubi gets super scared

They realised that…

6/6 Gnasher gets scared


Dennis and the gang get properly spooked

You scared the pants off the gang!

That was a properly scary story! Well done – the gang won't sleep for weeks now!

Pieface and Paul are maybe a little bit uneasy

You made Pieface a little bit nervous!

That wasn't a very scary story. Careful you don't upset Paul though – he's easily spooked!

That wasn't a scary story at all

You made Dennis fall asleep!

Zzzzzzz, oh, what, sorry, were you talking? That…wasn't a scary story at all!

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