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Can You Watch These Cute Baby Animals Without Saying ‘Awwwww?!’

What's cuter than one baby animal? LOTS of cute baby animals!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 10th 2017

Ever since the dawn of time – OK, the internet – people have spend hours and sometimes days looking at kitten videos and pictures of cute baby animals

And who can blame them? Here's a challenge. We bet you can't watch this video or look at these pics without crying with happiness...

Check out these panda cubs!

They’re so cute, we think we might burst!

CCTV+ | YouTube

This tiny fawn loves life!

This baby deer is a laid back character and likes to take time to stop and smell the flowers

What are you up to, piglet?

"Dunno, just having a wander around this massive field. Got any crisps? Not Frazzles, though."

This baby fox knows how to strike a pose

This little chap should be a fashion model or something. We think he'd look quite cool in a hat or somethingWhat do you reckon?

How cute is this seal pup?

Before you waste any time thinking about it, we can reveal the answer is 'very'

What are you thinking about pug pup?

"Thanks for asking. I was just wondering why pizzas don't get delivered in round boxes, that's all."

Hey, baby penguin – what do you prefer to be called?

"I'm either called a chick or a nestling – but my mum and dad call me Edward."

This hoglet is so tiny

This baby hedgehog is a like a small, spiky potato – but far cuter

This foal looks like it's having fun

Is there anything better than running around a field on a sunny day? Alright, apart from pizza and video games...

We want to hang out with this koala

Unfortunately, this young chap won't come down from its tree until they've had enough eucalyptus leaves for lunch – and we all know how slowly they chew their food...

What are these kittens looking at?

We reckon the photographer is dangling a piece of string above the camera – the oldest trick in the book!