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15 Captain America Fun Facts Fans Need to Know!

Test your Captain America trivia now!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Captain America is one of our favourite Marvel characters. We don't stop talking about how blam he is, ever. Here's an awesome list of amazing facts about Steve Rogers and his superhero alter-ego, boiled down to 15 chunks of heroic trivia!

Captain America was born on the fourth of July!

Is there anything more American than being born on Independence Day? Doubt it, unless a child was named United States of America and wore a Stars and Stripes nappy immediately.

First man on the moon

Thought Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon? Wrong! It was Captain America – or Steve Rogers – who actually walked on the moon in 1955! Neil repeated the feat 14 years later...

He can wave Thor's hammer about!

Not many are deemed worthy – or strong enough – to hold Thor's hammer, named Mjölnir. Apart from Captain America, because he's one of the good guys and has big, beefy arms too.

Captain America is older than Marvel Comics!

Before Captain America became a Marvel legend, he actually appeared in Timely Comics as far back as 1941. He began appearing in Marvel comics from 1964.

His shield wasn't always round!

Captain America's shield was originally triangular, but was replaced when a rival comic said it was similar to the shield used by their superhero, the Shield.

Captain America wasn't the First Avenger, actually!

 They were actually Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. Captain America joined after Hulk left.

His shield is made of a fictional substance

Cap's legendary shield is made from a mix of steel and vibranium – a Wakandan metal which doesn't exist in real life.

He was nearly called something else!

It's weird to think that Captain America was almost called Super American at one point. The writer Joe Simon scrapped the idea because there were "too many 'Supers' around", which is absolutely fair enough.

Captain America once changed form

In the comic Captain America: Man & Wolf, CA becomes a werewolf and takes on Wolverine. He still manages to keep his uniform on, but it got torn up a little. That's no surprise, really.

He can run really fast!

Like 26 miles per hour fast. That's fast? Yeah. Fast.

Steve Rogers isn't the only person to be Captain America

Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson and Peggy Carter are just some of the 12 MCU characters who've donned the iconic red, white and blue uniform!

He first appeared on television a long time ago!

'Captain America' was released in 1944 and was split into 15 episodes and lasted 253 minutes!

Is this comic book in The First Avenger real?

Yes! The first ever Captain America comic was released in 1941, which is absolutely ages ago.

Comics in  Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: The First Avenger | Kevin Feige | Joe Johnston | Marvel Studios

Steve Rogers is artistic

Before he was transformed into the absolutely ripped Captain America, he was a skinny art student with an interest in comics!

Captain America is pretty tall!

According to Marvel, Captain America is a towering 6'2 or 188cm tall – that's the same height as Cristiano Ronaldo and Prince Harry!