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Cartoon Jokes

We've DRAWN together the most hilarious cartoon jokes ever!

These cartoon jokes will definitely get a giggle out of you!
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What happened the first time Minnie and Mickey met?

It was glove at first sight!

What does Tom say in December?

Jerry Christmas!

What’s Gnasher’s gang called?

The Gnash street kids!

What sort of job does a cartoon character get?

A paper round!

What does Dennis call a fish with wheels?

A skate-board!

What does Gnasher have with his fish and chips?

Mushy fleas!

Which Disney princess loves cows?


What do you call Gnasher on a tropical beach?

A hot dog!

Why isn’t Gnasher good at dancing?

Because he has two left feet!

What kind of deer is Homer Simpson’s favourite?

A doe!

What’s Shrek’s little brother called?


What’s Timon and Pumbaa’s favourite type of food?


What did Snow White say when she ordered some photos?

Some day my prints will come!

Why doesn’t Winnie the Pooh wear shoes?

Because he has bear feet!

Why did SpongeBob blush?

Because the seaweed!

What is Donald Duck’s favourite snack?


What is Shere Khan’s favourite dip?


What do you call Bug’s Bunny in a sauna with a headache?

A hot cross bunny!

What’s red and black and goes ‘Ouch’?

Dennis falling downstairs!

What’s Mickey’s favourite sport?

Minnie Golf!