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Should You Support England or Italy?

This Sunday sees the final of the Euro 2020 tournament. Only one team can win, but which one should you cheer for?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 21st 2022

After weeks – and months, if you think about it – it's finally the Euro 2020 final this Sunday, featuring England and Italy slugging it out to see who will scoop the trophy.

There'll be a lot of people cheering on England, who haven't been in a cup final since 1966. The Italian squad have millions of supporters too, which is no surprise, considering how good they are. Whichever team scores the most goals, it's football who's the winner at the end of the day.

Are you stuck in the middle and not sure which team to cheer on? Don't panic, take this special Euro 2020 quiz and we'll pick a team for you!


Who's your favourite footballer?

2/10 A football supporter

Which club team do you support?

3/10 A football in the back of the net

Who has scored the best goal of the tournament!

4/10 A football fan singing a song

What song do you sing before any football match?

5/10 A delicious Sunday dinner

Pick something for your pre-match meal!

6/10 A clothes rack full of colourful t-shirts

What colour t-shirt do you normally wear?

7/10 A football stadium

Pick your favourite stadium to watch matches...

8/10 A woman enjoying some music

What's your favourite football song?

9/10 Dad and daughter watching football on TV

What are you most likely to shout at the telly during a match?


10/10 And now for possibly the biggest question of all. Which badge are you drawn to most?

The England badge and Harry Kane

You should support: ENGLAND!

You love the English team as much as Yorkshire puddings on a Sunday afternoon. Good luck and enjoy the game!

The Italy badge and Giorgio Chiellini

You should support: ITALY!

You love the Italian team as much as a hot bowl of spaghetti on a cold evening. Buona fortuna!