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Who is The Masked Singer?

Can you reveal the identities of these badly-dressed popstars? Tune in to this daft TV quiz game and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 30th 2023

Hello and welcome to the Beano's first Masked Singer quiz spectacular! I'm your host, Screaming Pineapple - I'm covering for that Joel guy whilst he recovers from a very painful quiff injury.

On tonight's show, we're joined by 3 massive stars... in 3 massively rubbish costumes!

Can you guess the identities of these celebrities from these cryptic clues?

Round 1: Bedsheet Ghost!


First up - Bedsheet Ghost! She's well known on Youtube for her pranks, slime videos and life hacks. Today she's going to be singing one of her own songs, "Cake"! Take it away, whoever you are!

@wengie | instagram

Correct! It's Wengie!

Nailed it - it's Youtuber and pop sensation Wengie!  Good guess!

@wengie | instagram

Sorry! It's Wengie!

Oooooooh... awkward! It was actually pop star and Youtuber Wengie! You didn't really think it was Ed Sheeran did you?

Round 2: Selfie Gorilla!


Ok, next up is another famous Youtuber - well known for vlogging, doing impressions...oh, and appearing on Strictly and Bake Off. He's going to be singing his debut single "Say It Now". Can you guess who he is? 

@joe_sugg | instagram

Exactly! It's Joe Sugg!

Good job - it's Youtuber ThatcherJoe, zipped up into a very unconvincing gorilla suit. Nothing gets past you!

@joe_sugg | instagram

Sorry! It's actually Joe Sugg!

Bah - you were so close! It is in fact, Joe Sugg in a gorilla costume! Better luck next round!

Round 3: Country Panda!


Hoo-eee! This is a real three-fisted humdinger of a round, yessir. Our final singer made it big last year with an instant country classic about wide open spaces, roads, oh... and a horse. You can guess this one, right?

@lilnasx | instagram

Yippee! My my! It's Lil Nas X!

Well lookie here! It's country mega-star Lil Nas X dressed up like a panda! I ain't never seen such a thing in my life!

@lilnasx | instagram

Gah dangit! It's Lil Nas X!

Aww drat! It's country superstar Lil Nas X dressed up like a panda... Shucks.