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Celebrities Turned into Fortnite Llamas

We turned celebrities into Loot Llamas because we've gone mad with power!

There are loads of Fortnite skins based on celebs and characters, but what about the Loot Llamas? They should get in on the fun too! Just imagine all your faves all made of paper and full of loot. But what would they be full of?

The Selena Gomez Llama would obviously be full of insta likes – #nofilter! The David Walliams Llama would hold all the stories…or pictures of his BFF Simon Cowell – LOL! Ariana Grande’s Llama-sona would be crammed with love and peace and all that classy stuff. Neymar the Llama would just be full of sick football skill and rainbows and Rihanna would hold all the sass!
What would be in a Trump Llama I hear you ask? 

Well, only one way to find out – SMASH IT!