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David Walliams Answers Our Questions on Books, Britain’s Got Talent – And Showing His Bottom to Simon Cowell!

He's written loads of books that are guaranteed to crack you up and with a new one on the way, we couldn't wait to catch up with this extremely funny fellow....

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
Britain's Got Talent | ITV

The Beano loves books, especially when they’re funny.

And there’s few funnier than those written by David Williams!

From Gangsta Granny through to The Boy in The Dress (with a little bit of Ratburger in-between), the Britain’s Got Talent judge is one of our fave funny people.

Britain's Got Talent | ITV

So where does he get his amazing ideas from? When will his next book come out? And how does he cope working with professional nasty man Simon Cowell?!

Well, if you want to know the answer to these questions (and a whole lot more), worry not, because we put our best boffins to the test to bring you all the answers you need!

So how does he make his books so funny?

Well, according to David, being funny is all about making yourself laugh! But wait, isn’t that a bit confusing? Surely writing funny books is all about making other people giggle, right?Well, as David says, “If you want to write a funny book, you’ve got to think about what makes you laugh. You can’t really second guess what other people laugh at”.

Britain's Got Talent | ITV

What inspires him to write funny stuff?

You won’t be surprised to learn David’s a big fan of the Beano, just like we’re a big fan of him!And in fact, it seems Dennis and co made a major impression on the young comedian when he was growing up.“I read the Beano when I was a kid” says David, “I loved the Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx and Dennis. Those characters are actually not too dissimilar to the sort of thing I’m trying to do with my own books like The World’s Worst Children.

Britain's Got Talent | ITV

Will he write another book?

Yes! Remember The World’s Worst Children 1 and 2? Those books were full of terrible tales about beastly boys and gruesome girls, like Dribbling Drew and Blubbering Bertha.Well, get ready for more laughs because David’s currently writing The World’s Worst Children 3! We can’t wait!

Britain's Got Talent | ITV

What made him want to write his first book?

David says he had a story rattling around his brain about a boy who went to school dressed as a girl. And according to David, the idea just wouldn’t go away.“I kept thinking about it” he says “And I thought, well, I’d better write it down, otherwise I’ll just keep thinking about it. So it really just started with having a story in my head”.

Britain's Got Talent | ITV

What writers does David like to read?

You might not be surprised to hear David’s a BIG Roald Dahl fan. And we mean really big.“He’s the greatest children’s author of all time” says David.“He wrote so many different books, all really different from each other. Wherever I go in the world and talk about children’s books, everyone knows Roald Dahl, everyone knows Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even though it was written more than 50 years ago, I think it will still be read in 5000 years time!”

And finally, just why did he pull his trousers down on live TV?!

When he’s not writing funny stories, David can be seen sitting alongside Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent. And while the pair are pals in real life, David doesn’t mind winding his friend up, which sometimes means baring his bottom on live TV! So what was the reason for his bare-faced cheek?“I was dancing in front of Simon Cowell on the BGT desk”, says David “And I thought ‘How can I embarrass him?’ So I thought, if my trousers fell down now, it would be really funny!”And guess what? It was really funny! But being funny is what we’ve come to expect from someone as chucklesome as David.

Britain's Got Talent | ITV