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AAUGH! It's That Good Ol' Charlie Brown Quiz!

Good grief! Find out how much you know about Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang with this cracking comic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  September 3rd 2022

Are you a fan of Peanuts? Is Snoopy in your top 3 favourite cartoon dogs ever? He should be - because there's a lot to learn from this surprisingly wise comic strip! If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Peanuts expert, test yourself with this quiz about it's main character - the lovable Charlie Brown!

Just answer these questions and we'll tell you how much you know!

1/10 Charlie and Linus
Peanuts | Schulz

Charlie Brown is... what?

2/10 Charlie Brown
Peanuts | Schulz

What pattern does he have on his shirt? Click to reveal!

3/10 Lucy and Charlie
Peanuts | Schulz

How old is Charlie?

4/10 A woman with multi-coloured hair

Who is Charlie in love with?

5/10 Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Peanuts | Schulz

What's his catchphrase?

6/10 Lucy and Charlie
Peanuts | Schulz

Lucy is Charlie's sister. True or false?

7/10 Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Peanuts | Schulz

What does Snoopy often call Charlie?

8/10 The Peanuts gang

Who is Charlie's best friend?

9/10 Lucy Van Pelt and Snoopy
Peanuts | Schulz

Fill in the blank! "Why can't I have an ordinary ___ like everyone else?"

10/10 A hand holds a bar of soap

Which of these hobbies does Charlie like most?

Peanuts | Schulz

Oh no! Typical! Charlie isn't pleased with this score! Never mind though - he often looks like that! Have another go? We're sure you can score higher the second time round!

Good grief
Peanuts | Schulz

Not bad! Pretty good in fact, this quiz was pretty tricky! Do you fancy having another look over this and seeing if you can spot where you went wrong? Bet you can get a higher score the next time round!

Great job
Peanuts | Schulz

Amazing! This is a great score! Just look at how happy Charlie and Snoopy are! You did JUST miss out on full marks though - can you beat ths score on a different cartoon quiz? We have plenty more where this one came from!

10 out of 10
Peanuts | Schulz

YESSS! High score! You absolutely nailed this quiz! Charlie is very impressed! Well done! Now, can you get another high score on a different quiz? There's only one way to find out!