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15 Facts About Charli D'Amelio You Might Not Know

How much much do you really know about this Tiktok superstar?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2022

1. She's always dancing!

OK this one sounds obvious - but did you know that she's been going to dance classes since she was 3 years old? Thats a lot of dancing!

@charlidamelio | instagram

2. Charli was in a hummus advert!

That's right, she appeared in an ad for Sabra hummus that aired during the Superbowl - and was watched by over 5 million people!

3. Charli goes to a normal school!

Turns out there's no such thing as Tik Tok school! Nope, Charli gets bored in lessons and forgets her homework just like everyone else. Imagine bumping into her in the queue for lunch!

@charlidamelio | instagram

4. Her dad is a politician (sort of!)

Charli's dad Marc ran for the US senate as a Republican - but lost, and it looks like he's given up now. Oh dear.


5. Charli was the first person to...

Reach 100 million followers on Tiktok! If you were to count that many people in your head, it would take you over 3 months - and that's with NO BREAKS!

@hollylogan | giphy

6. She's a big fan of iced coffee!

Well, something's got to cool her down after all that dancing!

7. Charli has ANOTHER Tik Tok account!

And it's called "Barley D'Amelio" - you'd never guess it was her!

@charlidamelio | instagram

8. Charli's sister Dixie once stole their mum's car!

Woah! And not only that, Charli helped cover it up! Sheeeeeeeeeeesh!

@charlidamelio | instagram

9. She gives to charity

She's given to loads of good causes in fact - from the American Dance Foundation to her local hospital during Covid. Thanks, Charli!

10. She doesn't plan her Tik Toks

Charli doesn't rehearse or plan out her videos, she just does them. That's why they all look so natural!

@fallontonight | giphy

11. She's been in an animated film!

She plays the voice of Tinker the mouse in the movie Stardawg and Turbocat! Not this mouse - but they look pretty similar.

12. There's going to be a D'Amelio family reality TV show at some point

We don't know exactly when it'll be out - but it'll be called the D'Amelio Show and will follow the family around and see what they get up to!

@marcdamelio | instagram

13. Charli is helping fight Covid

Charli has used her massive Tik Tok following to encourage people to stay indoors and help slow down the virus. She even made up a Distance Dance and encouraged people to film their own versions!

@charlidamelio | tiktok

14. Her mum thinks she's clumsy!

Despite all the amazing acrobatics she can do, she still has accidents. After breaking her nose falling over, her mum described her as "the most clumsy human ever". Bit harsh!

@charlidamelio | instagram

15. Charli used to be embarrassed of her videos!

Both Charli and her sister Dixie were once embarrassed about their Tik Tok videos - they even tried to stop other kids at school finding out about them. Nowadays, the secret is definitely out - and they've both learnt to be proud of their achievements. Phew!

@charlidamelio | instagram