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Check Out Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle!

The raving rabbids have muddled up the Mushroom Kingdom. Can you come to the rescue?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 13th 2017

Mario? Yup. Rabbids? Plenty. Awesome game? Definitely YES!

Win back the kingdom through comical combat!

Battle your way past raving rabbids in turn-based combat. Use lasers, ground-pounds, and hilarious gadgets to send those rabbids back to their own dimension!

Gamespress | Ubisoft / Nintendo

There's loads to do!

If turn-based tactics aren't your scene, there are still adventure and platforming areas where you collect coins and solve puzzles

Gamespress | Ubisoft / Nintendo

Plus, the game world is HUGE!

From Peach's castle to the haunted beach, the game world always has somewhere new to explore

Gamespress | Ubisoft / Nintendo

Overall, we think it's SMASHING!

Check out Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, only on Nintendo Switch!

Rabbid Kong