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The Ultimate Chicken Girls Quiz

How well do you know this dance-tastic High School TV series? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

What's the name of the school in the show?

@dylanconrique | instagram

What's Kayla' surname?

3/12 A chicken in space

Who makes Chicken Girls?

4/12 The actress who plays Rhythm's sister
@hayley.leblanc | instagram

What's Rhythm's sister called?

5/12 The actor who play TK
@haydensummerall | instagram

What's the T in TK's name?

6/12 Someone holding a boomerang

Finish the line from the opening theme to the show: "Come back come back for ya, like a..."

7/12 A woman watching TV on her laptop

How many Chicken Girls movies are there?

8/12 A Chicken Girls character looks at a magazine
@brat | giphy

Who's this?

9/12 The actor who plays Birdie takes a selfie
@madslewis | instagram

Birdie was never the captain of Attaway Dance Team. True or false?

10/12 Chicken Girls cast member says she's suspicious
@brat | giphy

Which of these is NOT an episode of Chicken Girls?

11/12 An iguana looks confused

What's the theme tune called?

12/12 View of the Principal's office

What's the name of the Principal of Attaway High?

Oh no! Not a fan of Chicken Girls? Eeep...never mind. Let's just try another quiz and never speak of this again.

Pretty good! This is an alright score - you can do better though. Have a go on a different TV quiz?

Good job! This chicken is pretty impressed! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Amazing! You're a Chicken Girls superfan! Maybe even as much as this real life chicken is!