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Choose Your Own Vampire Adventure!

Tread carefully and pick the outcome of your spooky journey. Do you have what it... stakes?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 5th 2022

October 31 comes but once a year and this special Choose Your Own Adventure game will send shivers down your spine!

Are you ready for a vampire visitor?

Good luck!


It's late October and you're having a Halloween party in the house. What fancy dress costume are you wearing? 


From your living room, you and your friends notice a bat hanging upside down from a tree branch. What do you do?


It squeaks and flies away and leaves you just staring at what can only be described as a cool moon. Do you…


OK, this bat might want to play hide and seek. How do you all look for this party crasher?


What kind of snack do you leave out for this mysterious bat?

6/20 A person watching a vampire film

You give up and go inside. What do you do?


Somewhere in the house, there’s a creaking sound. What do you think it is?


You and your friends decide to investigate. What do you grab from the drawer?


It turns out to be an old floorboard! What should you do next?


What do your friends want to do while you do some DIY? 


You hear the floorboard again and notice a cloaked man looking through your cupboards. What do you say?

12/20 Pizza

He says he’s hungry. What do you offer him?


They're still peckish. He would like some bread. What kind do you have?


He’s still hungry! You offer a steak. How does he react to your suggestion?


He goes to wash his hands and you notice that he has no reflection in the bathroom mirror. Do you mention it?


Your uncle, who happens to be a vampire hunter comes in from the living room after answering the door to trick-or-treaters. What happens now?


The vampire tries to escape from the house. What traps do you set?


You hear a blood-curdling screech. What has happened?


You notice the time and the sun is starting to rise! What do you do?


20/20 The vampire appears again and stands in the shadows. Do you...

You were bitten by the vampire!

You're a vampire now. Isn't that how it works. The worst thing is, you won't go near garlic bread any more. 

You scared the vampire away!

Well done! You're in for a vampire-free November, at least!

You convinced the vampire to stop his bitey ways!

We're impressed by your diplomatic skills. We're not convinced that he won't return as a vampire but it's good to know that he's willing to change his ways. 

A vampire hunter has saved you

You were saved by the vampire hunter!

Your uncle – Van Helsing, who keeps talking about regular visits to Transylvania – was only too happy to remove the vampire from the house. They've got a long-running beef, apparently.