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The Best Christmas Ads of 2019

Here's all the best festive adverts so far!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

John Lewis

If you're anything like us, you probably feel like the weeks leading up to Christmas drag on a bit? Well, they do with the John Lewis Christmas ad. When Excitable Edgar (a small dragon) wants to get help the local kids build a snowman, things get a bit too hot. And in fact, every Christmas pastime ends up a bit burnt out when Edgar's around - but the trouble is, he just loves Christmas TOO much! To be honest, we know exactly how he feels. Bring on the tinsel!


Ever wondered how a satsuma in a stocking became a Christmas tradition? Nicholas the chimney sweep, in Sainsbury's Christmas as, will show you how - and who couldn't be swept away by this Charles Dickens-style Christmas carol, sorry, advert. When Nicholas is caught orange handed, it looks like Christmas is over as he's banished to an icy wasteland, but thanks to a kindly Sainsbury's stall-worker, young Nick becomes Saint Nick after he's brought in from the cold.


This Christmas Iceland have sprinkled some Disney into their advert by joining forces with the new Frozen movie! We get to see familiar characters like Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Anna enjoying a Christmas game of Charades. They all discuss their favourite thing about Christmas which Elsa says is enjoying a meal with others!


Walkers have brought in the Queen of Christmas for their advert this year! Mariah Carey is filming a Christmas music video when she takes a break for a snack - ufortunately an elf backing dancer has the same idea and he and Mariah argue over a packet of Walkers crisps! Mariah wins (obvs) by scaring him off with her super high singing notes!


In Asda's Christmas advert a brother and sister collect Christmas magic from the sky to spread joy all over town.  They turn people into gingerbread men, street lights into candy canes and homes into giant decorations! When the little girl runs out of cheer for herself, her brother steps in to bring Christmas to her! 


Argos' Christmas advert is all about where a gift can take you! A Dad circles a drum kit in the catalogue and suddenly he's playing the drums and the kitchen is transformed into a music video! His daughter comes downstairs to find out what's going on and quickly joins in. The next minute they're on stage playing in front of a crowd! It's pretty awesome!


In Amazon's Christmas ad there's people and parcels from all over the world singing together to spread Christmas cheer! It's all about bringing people together at Christmas because as the advert says 'everybody needs somebody!'


Very's Christmas advert reminds us VERY much of the old man from Up. He's so cute! In this ad the whole town rallies together to make a great gift for a lonely old man and his dog. Then they all celebrate and enjoy Christmas together. This ad defs wins the cute vote!