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Personality Quiz: Could Your Dad Top TikTok?

TikTok is a fantastic app which offers all sorts of challenges. But how would you dad cope with it all?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's do this!

1/10 Little Mix - Woman Like Me
Little Mix – Woman Like Me | YouTube

How many books can your dad balance on his head like in the Little Mix video?

2/10 A TV presenter doing some sort of dance with his hand
1331Creative | Giphy

How good is he at the 'finger dance'?

3/10 Katy Perry and the Backpack Kid
SNL | Giphy

Can your dad floss like Backpack Kid?

4/10 A man with a beard and headphones singing along to a song

What song is your dad most likely to lip-sync to?

5/10 A person draws the 'dabbing' guy
mr heist | YouTube

Can he draw a person dabbing?

6/10 A man wearing big jeans
ABC Network | Giphy

Would your dad dress like Simon Cowell to make people laugh?

7/10 Chicago Bulls fan dances on cam
NBA | Giphy

How many times would your dad film a dance routine to get it perfect?

8/10 A man skydiving in a jumper and jeans

What would your dad do if he fell over while doing any challenge? 

9/10 A dog in a suit
mensweardog | Giphy

Your family pet wanders into shot. What does your dad do?

10/10 Tik Tok Shoes Challenge
FuNn CLASS | YouTube

How would your dad cope with the shoe challenge?

TikTok Legend

Your dad is a: TIKTOK LEGEND!

He was born to do this and it shows! Your dad rocks!

TikTok Star!

Your dad is a: TIKTOK STAR!

It turns out your dad is a natural when it comes to using TikTok. Who'd have thought it?

TikTok Champ

Your dad is a: TIKTOK CHAMP!

Who'd have guessed your dad would be able to dance and sing like some sort of hero?

TikTok Beginner

Your dad is a: TIKTOK BEGINNER!

Oh dear. Maybe he'll get better with practice.