Ultimate Cinderella Quiz

How much do you know about this classic Disney Princess? Take this quiz to find out!


The castle at Disneyland (it's also their logo!) is supposed to be Cinderella's. True or false?


What kind of shoe does Cinderella wear to the ball?

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Disney wrote the story of Cinderella. True or false?


Cinderella's carriage is made out of a giant pumpkin (everyone knows that). But which of these facts about pumpkins is true?

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Ok, here's a harder one. As well as the classic Disney movie, there's also been a live action Cinderella film. Who played Cinderella in it?

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How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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What time does Cinderella's spell wear off?


The line Mirror Mirror on the wall comes from Cinderella. True or false?

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What are the Fairy Godmother's magic words in the Disney version of Cinderella?


Cinderella has 3 evil what sisters?

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Cinderella is actually a really old folk story, and there are also ancient Greek, Chinese and Arab versions. True of false?

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