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Cities of the World: True or False

New York, London, Paris, Tegucigalpa. How much do you know about the Cities of the World?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

Even if you're stuck at home this Summer, you can still go on a trip around the world with this awesome cities of the world quiz.


First stop South America. Did you know that the highest city in the world is La Paz, in Bolivia


We're taking the yacht up to New York. When you sail up the Hudson river, you'll see this lady. She's called "The Statue of Liberty"


Next stop Los Angeles. It's in Spain, right?


A long haul flight takes us to the UK, and I fancy a change from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Let's go to Cheeseham-on-the-Sandwich. It's the UK's smallest city. It has only 6 inhabitants and one of them is a cat.


Popping in on some relatives, now. Sydney and Adelaide are not just the names of my Uncle and Aunt, they are also cities in Australia.


Flying back over the Atlantic Ocean to Central America and a city called Tegucigalpa. It's the capital city of Honduras!


Where next? Is this is the Eiffel Tower in Paris?


Through the Channel Tunnel from France to the UK. Eventually we'll end up in London. At least I think it's London.


Across Europe in a rusty camper-van until we come to Madrid in Italy


Our final destination is the capital city of Brazil. It's called Tokyo

Oh dear! Just checking that you know the world isn't flat? Why don't you get a map out and plan your own trip! There's a whole world out there. Literally!

Well done. You're a geography wizard! Where's next on your world tour?

Amazing! You're now better travelled than Phileas Fogg, Zlatan ibrahimovic and BTS put together! Next stop Yaounde! I'm sure you know where that is, right?