Personality Quiz: Could You Be The World's Worst Supervillain?

It's harder than it looks to be a supervillain! Do you have what it takes to be REALLY BAD?

Let's face it - it's HARD to be a supervillain! Everyone knows that the good guys win in the end... most of the time, anyway. Do you think you have what it takes to be the one in a million supervillain who could defeat the Avengers or the Justice League? Take this quiz and find out if you have what it takes to be truly evil!

Could you be the world's worst supervillain?


Let's say that you've just broken out of jail after having your last evil plan foiled by Wonder Woman or Spider-Man. What is the FIRST thing you do after busting out?


Let's say that you're back in your super secret evil villain's lair. This place is a tip! What's the first thing you do now?


Maybe it's time for a rebrand? Which of these new villain names would you pick, if you had to?

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OK, let's actually stay with your old villain name, it was much better. 

But ugh, just look at your old supervillain outfit. What were you thinking?! Time to update the look. Which of these things do you add to your new costume immediately?


Maybe it's time to think about a villain team-up? Which of these people should you NOT ring if you wanted a partner-in-crime?


It's time to pick a target for your next great plan! Which of these things are you going to try to steal?

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OK, you you have your plan, your new costume, and maybe even a new partner in crime. What do you do the night before your big heist?


It's here, the big day is here! You're so excited! What should you do before you head out to steal your target?


The heist is on! What are you going to shout to the security guards who are trying to stop you?

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Now, which of your supervillain vehicles will you use to get to the scene of the crime?


Uh-oh, there isn't enough room in the bags you brought for all the jewels, and you know your enemy the superhero is probably on their way here right now! What do you do? 


OH NO! On your way out of the vault your arch-nemesis the superhero has arrived! What do you do?

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Uh-oh, looks like that didn't work! You should have known, your enemy always finds a way to defeat you...


No! Not again! You can fight back and win, for the first time ever! What do you do now?


I can't believe that worked! You're going to get away with it! What do you do when you get back to your lair?

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