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Could You Ref the Euro 2020 Final?

Do you have what it takes to referee the beautiful game? Take the quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 10th 2021

Every game of football needs someone to take charge and point to the penalty spot if required! Do you have the skills to be a Euro 2020 referee? Take this awesome quiz and find out now!

1/12 A small car carrying a football

A small car has brought a football onto the pitch! What do you do?

2/12 A referee's whistle

Which of the following do you not need to carry during the game?

3/12 A referee

Who will kick off? How do you decide?


Someone has fallen over in the box but you didn't quite see what happened, so refer to VAR. What signal do you give to the players?

5/12 A smiling football before a penalty kick

It's a penalty. Where does the goalkeeper have to remain until the ball has been kicked?

6/12 A diving goalkeeper

The other team have broken free and are charging towards the goal. The goalkeeper brings the attacking player down outside the box without even going for the ball. What do you do?

7/12 A footballer hiding the ball in his shirt

A player puts the football up their shirt and runs into their opponents goal. The crowd are booing. What do you do?

8/12 A lineperson flag

A team has taken a shot at goal, but the flag has gone up. What does that mean?

9/12 VAR decision

Uh-oh, another VAR decision is required. What does VAR mean anyway?

10/12 A stop watch

It's full-time and the score is equal. How much extra time do you give?

11/12 A smiling referee

The game is over. No-one has scored, so it's time for a penalty shootout! How many penalties are given to each team?

12/12 A pair of hands holding up a trophy

Each team has scored their five penalties. How do you decide the winner?

Result: nope

Nope! Maybe you should take a refereeing course or something.

Result: Good try

Good try! There were some thought decisions to make. Hopefully the millions of people at home didn't notice any mistakes!

Result: Great work

Great work! You read the game well and know the rules inside out.

Result: Wow

Wow! You're a world class referee. Maybe YOU should have won the Euro 2020 tournament!