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Personality Quiz: Could You Win the Greatest Dancer?

How well would you do in the BBC dancing show? Find out by taking this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

We're all loving The Greatest Dancer show on BBC. How far in the competition do you think you'd get if given the chance? 

Good luck!

1/10 Carlton from The Fresh Prince doing a back flip
Nick At Nite | Giphy

Who's your ultimate dancing legend?

2/10 A ballet dancer practicing

How much time would you spend rehearsing your dance moves?

3/10 A cat gets a fright after looking in the mirror

Are you afraid of mirrors?

4/10 Hundreds of ladies shoes

What type of shoes would you wear?

5/10 Cheryl on The X Factor
ITV | Giphy

Which judge's opinion would you care about the most?

6/10 A dancing bear
Polyvinyl Records | Happy Of Montreal

Pick a signature move.

7/10 A man thinking about what nickname he would have

What would your nickname be?

8/10 A delighted audience member

The crowd are going bananas for your sweet moves. How do you react?

9/10 Cats in wooly hats

What sort of hat would you wear in the final?

10/10 A nerdy dancer

What kind of special move would you attempt to win the judge's admiration?

A bearded dancer with sunglasses on


While your best moves weren't enough to impress the judges, you're a hero to us!


While you weren't able to reach the final, your sweet moves won over the crowd!

Jordan Banjo in The Greatest Dancer


You did so well and just missed out on winning the top prize!

Oti Mabuse in The Greatest Dancer

You're a: WINNER!

You've got the best moves anyone has ever seen and it was obvious you were going to win!