Personality Quiz: Could You Win the Greatest Dancer?

How well would you do in the BBC dancing show? Find out by taking this awesome quiz!

We're all loving The Greatest Dancer show on BBC. How far in the competition do you think you'd get if given the chance? 

Good luck!

Image by Nick At Nite | Giphy

Who's your ultimate dancing legend?


How much time would you spend rehearsing your dance moves?

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Are you afraid of mirrors?


What type of shoes would you wear?

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Which judge's opinion would you care about the most?

Totally Random Question

In which of these family decisions do YOU get a say in…

Tap on as many answers as you want! Then hit submit.

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Pick a signature move.


What would your nickname be?

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The crowd are going bananas for your sweet moves. How do you react?


What sort of hat would you wear in the final?

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What kind of special move would you attempt to win the judge's admiration?

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