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Countdown to Christmas: What Sort of Gift Will You Give?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 3rd 2021

Are you a big spender or more likely to rush around on Christmas eve trying to find something decent for your family? Let's find out what kind of gifts you'll be giving this year with this ridiculous Christmas quiz!

If you're after some ACTUAL gift ideas - you should check out the Beano's very own shop! We've got all sorts, from comics and annuals to personalised merch! Take a peek!


Which of these is more important at Christmas?


Pick a Christmas snack:


Now pick a Christmas activity:


When do you start thinking about buying people Christmas gifts?


What makes you happiest when you give someone a gift?


Pick a nose for this snowman:


The greatest Christmas gifts are... what?


How do you wrap things at Christmas?


Imagine you got your presents mixed up and accidentally gave your Gran a Nerf blaster. What do you do?


Pick one:

A hand knitted jumper!

Christmas is all about tradition and making personal gifts for people. Anyone can buy expensive gifts (if they can afford it!) - so the best gift you can possible give is something you spent ages making. And knitting is a massively underrated skill to have, too! For more Christmas present ideas, check out the Beano's very own shop! You can keep the personal touch with lots of Beano gifts too - especially with our personalised comics and gifts!

A load of Beano merch!

You give the ULTIMATE gifts for people who love laughing (which is basically everyone) - a load of Beano merch! This year everyone will be happy with your presents. If you want to check out what's on offer, visit our shop using the link at the top of this quiz!

A fancy new bike!

Woah! You always put the boat out at Christmas! You usually buy really expensive or big gifts for other people, and love seeing them happy - even if they don't NEED a big shiny new bike! For more Christmas gift ideas, you coud do a lot worse than check out the Beano's shop! Check it out through the link at the top of the page!

A pair of socks you were given last year!

Ooooh - you usually leave Christmas gifts to the last minute, and have to repackage old gifts you got last year. This is pretty cheeky but as long as you haven't worn the socks it's probably ok. Just don't give them back to the same person - they might remember! Awkward! If you want to do things a bit differently this year, check out the Beano's very own shop for some great gift ideas! You can find it through the link at the top of this quiz!