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Super Comfy Crocs Quiz

Crocs are just one of those shoes that people can’t agree on! Are they cool, or are they silly? But if you think you know the answer - prove it!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 1st 2023

And there’s only one place you can, and that’s right here, at the Beano! So put that brain into good use and test its flexibility as you take on the most curious croc-tastic quiz known to the world of shoe trivia! Let’s give it a go, and see if you can score 100% - few can! So what are you waiting for, let’s get those Crocs in sports mode!


Which country are crocs from?


What type of shoe are they?


Why do people in kitchens wear them?


Where were they originally designed to be worn?


What are the decorations called?


Why are crocs not allowed on some escalators?


Which famous, incredibly rich child wore crocs?


How many holes does a pair of crocs have?


What are they made of?


What is the name of the mascot?

Uh oh! It seems like you are a normal sandal kind of person! But there’s nothing wrong with that, just because you barely know anything about crocs doesn’t make you a bad person - you’ve just got more important things to worry about! So good for you!

Alright! Now we’re talking! You know a decent amount about these cool and colourful shoes, which is nothing to sniff at! You should be pretty proud of your knowledge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved - so why not have another go at this quiz and see if you can do better!? Let’s go!

Great stuff! You’re almost an expert in the world of Crocs, not bad! You’ve scored so well in this quiz you should be very pleased with yourself, are you currently wearing a pair of crocs? Whatever, maybe they’re there on the side right next to you, sneakily whispering the answers to you - wait, no, surely nobody talks to their shoes?!

Incredible! You’ve scored full marks! Are you secretly a croc shoe? Which has somehow grown hands and fingers so that it can answer these questions?! That’s the only possible explanation as to why you know so much about these shoes! However you’ve done it, great work! Give yourself a big pat on your brightly coloured back!