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Digitally Devilish Dance Monsters Quiz

The future is here! We’re through the other side! Dance Monsters has proved it, but how much do you know about this new show?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 8th 2023

There’s nothing quite like this amazing new show, it pushes the boundaries of TV in truly special ways. It is a completely unique dance contest and one of the coolest things out there at the moment! It blends technology with human skill and uses it to create some brilliant dance moments! But are you a Dance Monster expert? Can you beat this quiz? Let’s find out!


How many competitors are there?


How many judges are there?


What happens to the two dancers not marked as safe by the judges?


What does CGI stand for?


Which dancer is inspired by Ancient Egypt?


Which dance monster has its mouth on its body?


How much does the winner get?


What type of animal is Hammer the monster?


What does Ferg have on their head?


Which of these is NOT a dance style?

Lime Pictures | Netflix

Oh dear, it looks like there has been a glitch and your dance monster has crashed! The only thing to do now is turn it off and on again! And by that we mean it’s probably time to try again! We’re sure you can do better a second time round! Why not give it a go!

Lime Pictures | Netflix

Nice! You’ve got some serious knowledge about this amazing new show! You know most of the characters and judges, which is a great start - but we think you can do even better! Why not have another go and see if you can get 100% - the dancers never gave up, so why should you!?

Lime Pictures | Netflix

Epic! You’ve nailed it! Well done! That must have taken determination AND skill, just like those wonderful contestants in the competition! You’ve done really well here and it shows, but if you want to win the competition, you need to be the best of the ebay, so why not have one last go and see if you can get full marks?! We believe in you!

Lime Pictures | Netflix

OMG! You’ve done it! You’ve won, you’re the best dancing monster the world has ever seen! A perfect mix of human and machine! So brilliantly mixed that nothing can stand in your way, not even this super hard quiz! Epic stuff, give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve earned it!