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Danger Force Character Quiz

Power up, great ready and cross your fingers you don’t get The Toddler!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 16th 2024

With so many hilarious and skillful superheroes, it’s really important to know where you fit in - so let’s give it a go and see if your result matches up to who you thought you were! You never know, you might end up as a villain, the Beano brain is never wrong after all! Let’s give it a while and see what comes out the other end! 


What is your favourite colour?


What would your dream power be?


What kind of pet would you like the most?


The Toddler has kidnapped Miles - how do you get into the warehouse where he’s being kept?


A penguin has turned up at school - what do you name it?


Mitch Bilsky is trapped in a well, how long until you rescue him?


S.W.A.G has flooded and closed for the day, what do you do instead?


The flood was worse than they thought - school is closed for a week - where would you go on holiday?


It turns out that penguin that you named earlier was a villain in disguise - it was them that flooded the school - what do you do?


The penguin won the battle, how do you escape?

Nickelodeon | YouTube


Awesome! You’ve got the most in common with Miles! Now this character is one of the most outgoing and friendly of all of the Danger Force, but beneath their lovable and kind outside they’ve got a real power! A little bit like you, they’re very chill, but under it all you’re not someone to mess with!

Nickelodeon | YouTube

Captain Man!

Awesome! You’ve got the most in common with Captain Man! Now he used to be a big deal, but things have gone a bit downhill for Captain Man and he needs all the help he can get. But that’s not a bad thing - knowing your limits is one of the most important things you can possibly learn about yourself! And that's probably why you’ve got this result - you don’t push it but instead you know when to stop!

Nickelodeon | YouTube


Great! You’ve got the most in common with Volt, or as they’re sometimes known - Chapa! Just like Volt, you’re strong willed and pretty powerful. Sometimes you make kinda rash decisions, but just like Volt - with the help of your friends you can get everything back on track! If you don’t feel like this result suits you, then you can always re-take the quiz - but it might also be that you haven’t quite unlocked your inner Volt!

Nickelodeon | YouTube


Awesome! You’ve got the most in common with ShoutOut! They’ve got the most powerful scream in the universe and they’re not afraid to use it! A little bit like you, they have a lot to say and know that what they think is worth saying! Admittedly, sometimes that can get them in trouble - but at least when you speak up, you don’t accidentally kill a pigeon like ShoutOut did!