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Dark Academia Quiz: What Should You Wear?

Are you a fan of this gloomy, mysterious aesthetic? Take this well-educated fashion quiz and find out what kind of dark aesthetic outfit you should wear!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 18th 2023

Do you want to look like a misunderstood poet or a history teacher but you're not sure how? Never fear - we have all the fashion tips you could need! All you need to do is answer these 10 questions and we'll tell you what you should be wearing to complete your dark academia look! Ready to give it a go?

Come on then - this quiz won't quiz itself, you know!


What's more important?

2/10 The inside of the Earth

What subject are you best at?

3/10 Some balls of wool

Pick a texture:

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

What do you think of Taylor Swift's music?

5/10 A big cloud rolling in

Which weather do you prefer?

6/10 Some twigs and sticks

Pick a dark colour:

7/10 Oxford

Which of these things would you rather do?

8/10 A puzzled woman

If you had to lie to a stranger, what would you say?

9/10 A laughing shoe

Your shoes are... what?


Pick a pattern:

You should wear a tweed jacket!

Nothing says dark academia like a tweed jacket! If you can imagine an old history professor wearing it around campus, then you know it'll look good with the rest of you outfit. Any kind of tweed jacket will do, although you get extra academic points for one that has leather patches on the elbows. Not quite the vibe you're going for? Never mind - just try this quiz again!

You should wear a big jumper!

Big squashy oversized jumpers are a classic dark academia look! You should go for dark colours like greens and browns, and maybe pair it with something tweed or old-fashioned. And don't worry if your jumper has a few moth holes in it - it's all part of the look!

You should wear a pair of chunky specs!

If you want to look really academic, you've got to wear specs, right? Right? Well these glasses are retro, chunky, and solid enough for you to break and fix about 20 times. Specs like these are a great accessory, even if you don't actually need to wear glasses! You can just pop the lenses out! Not into this suggestuon - never mind, just take this quiz again!

You should wear a pair of shabby loafers!

Vintage stuff is always a good look, but you really like to push it with these moth-eaten old loafers! These shoes shout dark academia though, especially as you could imagine an old history professor having a nap whilst wearing them. Is this TOO dark academia for you? Have another go and see what else you could wear!