Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Episode 11: Give Peas a Chance

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, Wilbur passes a law that ends up creating… Zompeas!!!

By order of the Mayor, Beanotown has banned every food except for mushy peas!

But something fishy – or mushy – is going on! These gross peas will turn anybody who touches them into a mindless viscious veggie – a ‘Zompea’! What can Dennis and his friends do to stop the growing green menace? They must fight the source of the infection – the Wilburcorp factory!

But who will make it without getting Zompea-fied first – and can they stop the spread of impending Pea-mageddon!

Episode trivia!

Dennis's Blamtastic Trivia Quiz!

What do the peas turn to people into?


Why is Mayor Wilbur using so many peas?

Dennis and Walter

What do the protestors chant outside the factory?

Anne Fineley and the protesters

Which of the gang gets caught by the peas first?

The gang get caught

How do they get past the guards to the Wilburcorp factory?

Wilburcorp factory
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