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Design a Superhero Costume

How to design the perfect superhero costume!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 21st 2022

So, you want to design the ultimate superhero outfit? Well, we've got a step by step guide to how to make it awesome! 

You will need: Pens, paper, pencils, an epic imagination

1. Choose a colour scheme

All the best superheroes have a cool colour scheme: Batman's is black and yellow, Spiderman is red and blue, and Green Lantern is...well, green! So choose some colours that will make your hero stand out

2. Choose a symbol

Your hero will need a symbol that represents what their all about, and is instantly regonisable  - the bat on the batsuit, for example. Choose something distinctive that shows us what your hero stands for. So pineapple man has a pineapple symbol! You get the idea. 

3. Add some accessories

Capes, masks - go wild! Anything that makes your hero stand out. Maybe give them some cool gadgets as well! 

Ta dah!

Get drawing! Put all your sweet ideas on paper and marvel at the result!