Can You Guess the Disney Song From The Lyrics?

Can you ace this Disney song lyrics quiz? It's harder than it sounds!

Time to test that Disney song trivia!


Let's start off easy! Finish the name of this Disney song!

"Do you want to build a___?"


Which song are these words from?

With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

Image by Moana | Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios | Osnat Shurer | Ron Clements, John Musker

Which song from Moana does this line come from?

If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me...


Which classic Disney film has a song that goes like this...

SOMETHING SOMETHING (Don't you dare close your eyes!)

SOMETHING SOMETHING (Hold your breath, it gets better!)


Which film is this line from?

Well, I've never seen a king of beasts

With quite so little hair


Does this line about crabs come from the Little Mermaid or Moana?

I was a drab little crab once

Now I know I can be happy as a clam!

Totally Random Question

How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

What song is this from?

I killed an eel

I buried its guts

Sprouted a tree, now you got coconuts!


And what Disney song is this from?

Wherever I wander, wherever I roam

I couldn't be fonder of my big home

Image by Toy Story 2 | Walt Disney Pictures | Pixar Animation Studios | John Lasseter / Helene Plotkin / Karen Robert Jackson

And what's this from?

When the road looks rough ahead

And you're miles and miles

From your nice warm bed

You just remember what your old pal said...

Image by @Disney | giphy

Here's a trickier one! What Disney film has a song in it called You'll Be In My Heart?


And what song do these lyrics come from?

...It is where we are

It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer

That we've got this far

Image by Frozen 2 | Peter Del Vecho | Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee | Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios

And what song might these lyrics be from?

Darling it's better

Down where it's wetter!

Image by Tangled | Walt Disney Animations Studios, Walt Disney Pictures | Roy Conli | Nathan Greno, Byron Howard

What Disney film has a main character that sings these words?

Then after lunch it's puzzles and darts and baking

Paper mache, a bit of ballet and chess

Pottery and ventriloquy, candle making

Then I'll stretch, maybe sketch, take a climb

Sew a dress!

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