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Facts You Never Knew about Disney Villains

Facts about Disney villains

Disney would be nothing without their villains and even though they might be scary, they’re also pretty interesting. 

Why not check out these mind blowing facts about the biggest, baddest and most terrifying characters that have ever graced the screen. 

Whether it be a surprising voice or an unexpected cameo, these facts are sure to leave you shocked with a bigger understanding of these evil doers

1. An old enemy returns!

Toy tormentor Sid Phillips from Toy Story briefly appears in Toy Story 3!

2. Remember when Zasu says Scar would make a nice throw rug?

He does! In Hercules!

3. Did you know a villain voices a villain?

Tom Hiddleston – aka Loki – is the voice of Hook in Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy!

4. Speaking of voices…

Santino Fontano who plays Hans in Frozen was nearly the voice of Kristoff!

5. Blink and you’ll miss this one

See it? As he falls, Gaston has skulls in his eyes – because he’s such a villain!

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