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Howl Will You Do in This Dog Breed Emoji Quiz?

Can you figure out what these dog breeds are from these emoji clues?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 4th 2022

Dog Breed Emoji Quiz

Do you love dogs? Do you love emojis? We love both, although if we had to choose one, it would be dogs. You can't really pet an emoji and go on a relaxing walk with one. If you're a dog emoji fan, then this is a quiz that appears to be created especially for you! There's around 360 breeds of dog and well over 3000 types of emojis, so this quiz is going to prove tricky for any fan of pooches and text speak!

If you get all 27 of these questions right, then you can consider yourself to be a dog emoji expert. But do you really have what it takes to get a perfect score?Β You're going to find out very soon indeed!

Put yourself to the test and find out which dog breeds these emojis spell out! And if you liked this, why not check out more emoji quizzesΒ here! Try this easy emoji quiz, a celebrity emoji quiz or even thisΒ TV show emoji quiz? We've even got a tricky animal emoji quiz which is really wild!

Are you ready to show off your dog breed trivia and extensive emoji knowledge? There's no more time to waste, so let's go!

1/27 French flag, bull, dog

Let's kick this emoji off with an easy clue! What's this type of dog called?

2/27 Golden medal and bowl of noodles

Is this dog breed named after an award-winning meal?

3/27 Key, poop emojis

What's this type of dog?

4/27 Two train emojis

Surely there's not a dog breed called two trains?

5/27 Spain flag, drop of water, dog emoji

Name this dog breed for another point!

6/27 A black and white dog

Do you know the name of this quick dog?

7/27 Cheese, two crying emojis

What's this tiny dog?

8/27 A car and key emoji

What's this one, then?

9/27 Poop emoji, ill emoji, gold medal emoji

This looks like an interesting dog!

10/27 American flag, bull emoji, dog emoji

Name this breed!

11/27 A bee emoji and a bull emoji

Name this dog breed for another point!

12/27 A Finnish flag, laptop emoji and dog emoji

Do you know the name of this Scandinavian breed?

13/27 An emoji of a German flag and a pinching finger

What's this popular European breed?

14/27 An emoji of red drop and a dog

What about this one?

15/27 An emoji of a boxing glove

Using your detective skills, can you guess what this breed could be?

16/27 An emoji of a red circle and a person doing yoga

This looks very mysterious. Any idea?

17/27 An emoji of a microscope and a door

What about this one?


Which dog is this, then?


What about this one?


This dog?


And this one?


Which dog do these emojis represent?


This one?


How about this?


Which dog do these emojis represent?


How about these emojis?


And last but not least, which dog is this?

Result: Awesome

Awesome! You've really got a knack for this! Any pup would be proud!

Result: Well done

Well done, someone knows their dog breeds and their emojis!Β 

Result: Try again

Hmm, well you know a couple but you can always try again and see if you can figure out any more!

Result: Oh no

Uh oh! Someone needs to brush up on their canine cartoon skills! Nevermind, have another go!