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Dogs Go to the Movies

Ever wanted to take your puppy pal to the pictures? If the answer's yes, you're going to have to follow the rules...


Do they like movies? Of course they do!

But let’s face out – you can’t take your puppy pal to the cinema without the risk of getting slobber on the seats or, even worse, widdling on the carpet before the film actually starts.

So how can you ensure you and your four-legged friend enjoy the movie in peace and quiet? Why, by watching this video, of course!

Queue politely

We’ve all been there. There’s big new movie coming out and you can’t wait to be first in line to watch it! But keep it calm and get ready to wait quietly, because no-one likes a bad dog

Mia Anelli | YouTube

Share seats

We know, it’s difficult. You’re a big dog and sitting in a small seat can be tough. But when you’re in the cinema, you’ve got to make space for other people (even if you might accidentally drool on them when they’re not watching).

Leave 3D glasses un-chewed

Come on, this one’s easy. 3D glasses are for looking through, not chewing – even if they do taste delicious.

Don’t spill popcorn

It’s delicious either sweet or salted, but let’s be honest, it’s no fun when you’re pulling it out of your fur. So make that big box of popcorn is secure before you take your seat – otherwise, it’ll be a trip to the doggy hairdresser for you!

BBC | YouTube

Don’t invite cats

Just don’t, okay?

Dreamworks | wearemoviegeeks