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Watch These Daft Dogs Getting Stuck in Stuff!

These pups are potty! Why? Because they can't stop getting stuck...

From hungry hounds with their heads in the bin to sausage dogs caught up in sleeves, is there anywhere these curious canines won’t go?

So if you like laughing at daft dogs who turn up in places where dogs shouldn’t be, then you’re going to love this video!

Dustbin dog

We all know dogs have an appetite but rummaging in a bin for a bite to eat?Actually, we’re forgetting, that’s exactly what dogs do! Let’s just hope this pup wasn’t put out with the rubbish after he’d eaten.

monzav8 | YouTube

Stuck in the sofa

It’s a familiar feeling. You lose something under the sofa and then, next thing you know, you ARE the sofa!Seriously, has this not happened to you? Maybe it’s just this dog, then?

Ben Malloy | YouTube

Flower pot pup

If you ever wanted to grow yourself a new pup, then maybe this is the way to do it?The only problem is getting the dogs to stay still long enough to take seed!

Huka: A LAb’s Life | YouTube

Sleeve full of sausage dog

Picture the situation. You’re putting on your fave outfit and then suddenly, you find a dog hiding in the sleeve!What? You’ve never found a sausage dog in your t-shirt? Just us then!

Muscle & Motors Gaming | YouTube

Hedge hound

This shiba was just minding its own business when suddenly… up comes a person with a camera and they start snapping away!Next time you want to chill out in your favourite shrub, make sure there are no nosey parkers around.

Yamamachi223 | YouTube