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Raccoons Love to Show Off!

Flying, rolling, playing instruments... racoons have loads of unexpected skills!

Some say they’re pests, some say they’re cute, but we’ve got the proper scoop on raccoons… they have loads of amazing skills that they just love to show off! 

Yes, we can exclusively present footage of raccoons doing awesome and unexpected things, like flying around the earth and blasting into space, and rolling all over the world causing avalanches. 

One can even play a water sprinkler like a musical instrument, and another can carve amazing artworks out of rocks like a sculptor. 

After this you’ll never look at raccoons the same way again!

And if you wonder what those sneaky critters are using their super secret skills for, let’s take a little look…

On the look-out

What’s on a racoon’s mind? What? Can’t you guess?

Racoons peering over wall

Filling their tummies

Yep, that’s right! Loads of lovely food! Stolen food, that is – surely those cats will be angry?

Racoon stealing food from cats

Making a get-away

Well, what better way to escape angry cats than with your very own escape bike – racoon-style!

Racoon on bicycle