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Video: Guess the Animal from the Weird Noise!

How well do you know your animal sounds? It's not as easy as it sounds!

Go up to anyone on the street – it doesn’t matter which street, really – and ask them to name different animal sounds and you’ll find everyone really knows their stuff

What goes moo? A cow!

What goes woof? A dog!

It’s all fairly straight forward, really. 

A talking lamb

But thanks to the internet, we’ve since discovered everything isn’t so straight forward. In this video, we present to you five animals who’ve torn up the rule book when it comes to simple animal noises

Which animal screams like they’re going down a terrifying rollercoaster? Which animal sounds like a Northern aunt? And which animal seems very suspicious of someone known as Don Piano?

Watch the video and try to guess which animal make these weird noises and beat the clock! 

If you get all five right, you must be some sort of animal whisperer!