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20 Ducktales Jokes Which Are Totally Quacking!

These Ducktales Joke will send you quackers!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 17th 2022

A long time ago there was only one comedy cartoon duck and his name was Donald. Eventually though, his family expanded and, thanks to Walt Disney, we were given Ducktales, the hilarious adventures of Donald’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie! Anyway, that’s the background, we’d better quack on with some jokes!

Why do The DuckTale ducks never grow up?

Because they grow down!

Dewey: I’d like to order the steak! Waitor: Shall I put it on your bill?

Dewey: No, put it on my plate like a normal person!

What did Uncle Scrooge’s butler say when Loiue left with out his cap?

“Your hat, Mallard!”

Who’s Uncle Scrooge’s favourite rapper?


What’s Louie’s favourite cereal? Rice crispies…

He loves the Snap, Quackle and Pop!

Did you hear about Louie’s tough cousin, Grewey?

He came from a hard-boiled egg!

An egg and spoon

Why don’t ducks like making plans?

They prefer to wing it!

Did you hear about the DuckTales episode that was factual?

It was a duckumentaries!

What do you call a cross between a duck and an alligator?


Did you hear Louie turned to crime?

He’s a robber ducky!

What does Huey have with cheese?


What time do Huey, Dewey and Louie get up?

The quack of dawn!

Why was Louie afraid of bats?

Cos of Count Duckula!

What’s Huey’s favourite thing to have on toast!


Avocados on toast

Who does Dewey see when he’s poorly?

The ducktor!

Where do the DuckTales’ guys keep their books?


A school bag

How did Louie fix his broken wing?

Duck tape!

A duck surrounded by laughing emojis

What’s a Dewey’s favorite ballet?

The Nutquacker!

What’s Louies favourite part of the news?

The feather forecast!

What do you call these awful jokes?