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Easy General Knowledge Quiz

I bet you can't score 10/10 in this easy general knowledge quiz!

Easy General Knowledge Quiz

1/10 Japan

What continent is Japan part of?

2/10 Taylor Swift

Who is this?

3/10 Henry VIII

What about this guy?

4/10 Periodic Table

What's the chemical symbol for water?

5/10 Rainbow with question mark

What colour do you get if you mix blue and yellow?

6/10 Germany

What's the capital of Germany?

7/10 Lemur

What's this animal called?

8/10 Apples in the air

Who discovered gravity? 

9/10 Sunflowers

Who painted this?

10/10 Iron Man

Which film is this character in?

Amazing result

Woah, you know everything, I'm very impressed! I wouldn't be surprised if the government wanted your brain for testing

Well done result

Very good! You've got pretty impressive generally knowledge

Try again result

Well, you know a couple of random things, but you're no genius! Have another go!

Oh no result

Oh no, you don't know much about anything! Try again and see if you can score any higher!

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