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Easy Marvel Quiz That Won’t Give You A Thor Head!

You don’t have to be a Marvel Hero to Hulk Smash this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 7th 2022

Welcome to the Marvel Universe, home to such heroes as Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman and The Spaghetti Lad… If you spotted the the fake Marvel Superhero in that sentence then you’re going to Hulk Smash this quiz to bits! It won’t take you much Thort, so lets begin!

1/10 A viking

Which Marvel Hero is based on a Norse God?

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2/10 Which country’s flag inspired Captain America’s outfit?

3/10 A man with a scorpion on his arm

Which arachnid inspired Peter Parker’s Marvel hero?

4/10 A robotic toy blasting off into the air

When he gets in his fancy armoured suit, Tony Stark turns into which superhero?


5/10 What colour is Hulk?

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6/10 Which of these animals is also a Marvel hero?


7/10 Which big cat is also the name for the king of Marvel’s fictional African nation of Wakanda?

8/10 A scientist rocking out

Who is Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme?

9/10 A man surrounded by floating letters

Which letter is used to describe Marvel’s mutant superhero team?


10/10 Which of these is the correct catchphrase for a Guardians of the Galaxy character?

Result: Zero

You’re more zero than hero! Personally, we’re marvelling at your lack of superhero knowledge.

Result: Average

Average! With the exception of thinking Iron Man is so called because his school uniform is never creased or crumpled, you’ve not done too bad. Try again to improve your score!

Result: Marvellous

Marvellous! A very impressive score. You’ve watched a lot of Marvel movies and maybe even read some comics. Have another go to see if you can Hulk Smash this quiz to bits!

Result: Smashed It

You’ve Hulk Smashed this Easy Marvel Quiz! You should move on to some of our more expert Marvel quizzes, but remember - in the words of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben: “With great power comes great responsibility!”