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Basic Science Quiz Questions

Do you know the difference between a proton and an electron? I don't, so this science quiz is loads easier than you're expecting.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 28th 2021
1/15 Engraving of Issac Newton on brick background with arrow

True or false: Issac Newton discovered radium?

2/15 Sun and Earth with goofy faces

How long does it take the earth to do one full rotation of the sun?

3/15 Woman's eye with arrow

Why do our pupils constrict in bright light?

4/15 Lava flowing and screaming pineapple

What is cooling lava called?

5/15 Old clock with goofy face on white background

What does GMT stand for?

6/15 Surprised cat face on laser light background

What's faster, sound or light?


Zoology Question: Which one is a mammal?


Botany: What is the biggest plant in this list


Anatomy: Which one of these isn't an organ in the human body?


Chemistry:Β Which of these is a gas at room temperature?


Physics: What weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of lead?


Ecology: Which one of these is a major contributor to global warming?


Astronomy: What's next in the sequence. Mercury, Venus, Earth...


Geology: What the heck is Geology?


Cellular Biochemistry: What is the Phospholipid Bilayer?

You are the Professor of FAIL at the University of FAIL, Failhampton

You're a scientist in the making. Maybe you're not quite Einstein but it's all relative, anyway. Have a PhD on us

You're Albert Einstein or Marie Curie level. If this was real life I'd be handing over the Nobel prize and a massive cheque for your next research project. Lucky for me it's just a Beano quiz, eh?