BeanoToons - Ed Sheeran Adventures

Ed Sheeran has been on many weird adventures - but which are real and which are fake?

Which of Ed Sheeran's adventures were real and which were fake?

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Ed quit Twitter - real or fake?


Ed melted his shoes in a volcano - real or fake?


Ed was strapped to a plane - real or fake?


Ed went white water rafting - real or fake?


Ed swam with sharks - real or fake?


Ed went bungee jumping - real or fake?


Ed was in Game of Thrones - real or fake?


Ed will be in The Simpsons - real or fake?


Ed's cheek was cut by a princess with a sword - real or fake?


Ed broke his arm - real or fake?


When I had 16 songs in the UK Top 20 singles chart,

I thought I’m pretty much the biggest superstar in the whole world,

But how did I get here? Let me tell you now…

I left Twitter and my social media cause I needed some space,

So I used a volcano has a hiding place,

But it melted my shoes and now it made me faint,

They were a present from my grandma on my last birthday...

I went to New Zealand,

Got strapped to a plane,

Did some white water rafting which was totally insane,

Then I swam with some bull sharks in the deep blue sea,

But the scariest thing was doing a bungiieeeeeee…. Jump…

I’m Ed Sheeran,

And these are all of my adventures,

Some could be fake,

But the real ones, they’re even stranger,

And I'll list the ways that I can’t believe that they’re real,

Hold my guitar while I do something crazy on a hill

I ended up on Game of Thrones,

And then I'll be in the Simpsons too,

It’s only like my favorite cartoon in the whole world ever,

Then I went to a posh party,

There was a princess with a sword,

She cut my cheek,

And gave me this cool scar,

But it’s ok,

I’m a super star!

I’m Ed Sheeran,

And these are all of my adventures,

All of them are true,

There are even more I couldn’t tell you,

Now I need a break from my,

Celebrity holiday,

Pass me my guitar while-

I go on a sold out world tour and I play to one hundred thousand people every night...

Oh, I broke my arm.

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