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Epic Benjamin Zephaniah Quiz!

How much do you know about actor, poet, writer and all round legend Benjamin Zephaniah? Take our quiz for Black History Month and see how well you do!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 12th 2022

Benjamin Zephaniah is one of Britain's best known poets. But how much do YOU know about him and his work? Take this quiz and see! And if you liked this, we've got more Black History month stuff here! We've also got more Black icons here, and more poetry stuff here!


Where is Benjamin from?

2/10 Benjamin Zephaniah

When was he born?


What's Benjamin famous for?


True or false: He left school at 13 and couldn't read or write?


Where are his parents from?


What sort of poetry does he write?


Why did he refuse an OBE?


Which of these TV shows is Benjamin in?


What football team does he support?


How many honorary doctorates does he have?

Amazing! You must be Benjamin's no. 1 fan!

Well done! You know lots about Benjamin!

You've picked up a couple of things, but you could do better! Try again!

Looks like you need to go back and find out more about Benjamin! Never mind, try again!