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Epic Dorset Quiz: Can You Get 100 Percent?

How's your knowledge of Dorset, jewel of the West Country and pirate central? We've compiled this trivia test to find out how much you know! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 24th 2022

Do you know much about Dorset? Well, it's time to prove it with this quiz on all things Dorset! Try it now and we'll tell you how well you know this cool county! And there's loads more geography quizzes here! Try more British geography with this epic quiz about everything UK, or how about this General Geography Quiz for something a bit more global?

1/10 Road signs with yellow splat

What's the biggest city in Dorset?

2/10 Creepy stone carving with Beano sick face and Beano mouse

The Black Death entered Britain through which Dorset port town?

3/10 Portland Bill with Beano question marks, pigeon and rabbit

Which word is unlucky on Portland?

4/10 Old books and pen with Beano giraffe and splat

Which of these famous writers was from Dorset?

5/10 Durdle door with Beano dolphin and arrow

What is Durdle Door?

6/10 Weymouth harbour with Beano splat and mermaid

Roughly what is the population of Dorset?

7/10 Flag

True or false: this is the Dorset flag?

8/10 Ruined abbey with Beano statue

What historical county was Dorset once part of?

9/10 Chesil beach with yellow splat and Beano dinosaur skeleton

What's the Jurassic Coastline?

10/10 Landscape with Beano badger and cow

True or false: the bendiest road in Britain is in Dorset?

Awesome result

Woohoo! You did amazing! You know Dorset better than the locals! Or maybe you ARE a local?

Nice result

Well done! You know Dorset like the back of your hand! If the back of your hand was green and full of dinosaur bones!

Try again result

You know a couple of things about Dorset, but have another go and see if you can score higher on this cool county quiz!

Oh no result

Oh no! Looks like you don't know Dorset from Durham! Never mind, you can always try again and try and score higher!